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Aviloop offers a wide range of services designed to accelerate the growth of brands in the aviation industry through targeted marketing and promotions. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas and developing effective strategies and solutions. As aviation professionals with the necessary tools and expertise, we bring an understanding of the specific language, needs and quirks of the industry to provide uniquely targeted marketing support. Contact us to learn more.



What Aviloop can do for you

Create marketing content for aviation businesses

We help create engaging media content to help brands connect with a wider audience in a fun and unique way.

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Develop social media & marketing strategies

We work with our clients to achieve effective marketing strategies. Our involvement ranges from implementing immediate solutions to complete social media management. 


Organize aviation events and branded conferences

We guide clients through the process of organizing events to raise public awareness about their position as thought leaders in the industry.


Curate promotional activities at industry trade shows 

We help brands to brainstorm and execute on-site activities that make them stand out.

Organize aviation team building events


We provide an opportunity for teams to connect through the exciting shared experience of aerobatic flight. During this one day event, an expert instructor will fly with one person at a time allowing them to take the controls, with other participants cheering them on. Later, the team gets to watch the footage of their priceless reactions in the cockpit and bond over this unique experience.

Offer contract services of aviation professionals


We will use our network to match our clients with qualified pilots to fly their aircraft, or other aviation professionals, including conference booth or social media influencers, for their marketing needs.

Set up & manage internal flight schools for corporate clients


We can guide any company through the process of setting up an internal flight department, including sourcing an aircraft and staffing. 
We make it easy for even non-aviation companies to offer flight training as a perk, which promotes employee retention.

Help employers diversify their crews


Diverse teams are smarter. Through our sister company - Aviatri - we aim to make cockpits safer by raising the number of women in aviation. We can help employers find qualified professional female pilots to join their team.

Design customized pilot epaulettes for your organization

Custom color epaulettes

We can help your flight department stand out by designing customized epaulettes to match your brand identity.



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Aviloop was founded by a female pilot, Nadia Marcinko. Her career evolved from marketing, through high fashion modeling to aviation. When Nadia was ready for longer runways, she became an aerobatic pilot, licensed flight instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), rated on multiple Gulfstream and Boeing aircraft. During her career in aviation, Nadia developed a thorough understanding of the industry and its demands. Since 2011 she has been sharing her expertise through her consulting work at Aviloop.  

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